Little help, Big return


I bought 2 buns and a bottled water to a homeless. He appreciated and it made my day!

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A smile is priceless

Yesterday, i was at a red light, a homeless person passed by, I searched for change, i felt bad cuz i didnt have much to give. I appologized, And he politely thanked me and wished me have a good night.

Today, i did the samething. I appologized cuz i didnt have much change. He replied, the amount your givibg doesnt matter, as long as you smile to me. I was actually crying while driving but gave him a forced smile. After that sentence, he putted a smile on my face. He said ” i’m homeless but am a gentlemen.”

Guys, if you pass by homeless person, just give them a smile, its free and makes people happy!

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I made my dream come true

Yesterday was my 1st time presenting my designs to real buyers. Everything went just sooooo well…. My boss told them that he will eventually go to China with me… 🙂 sooooo happy!!!
People, remember,hard work pays off! 🙂

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I’m happy to receive positive comments regarding my project

Yesterday, at my family restaurant, a regular customer came to pick up her dinner. she was really happy to tell me that she had read the article in L’itineraire Magazine. She also told me that my project was a great idea. I’m happy to know that people actually care about homeless people and believe in my project.
At this moment, I only wish that someone will come to me and give me a hand. Not that I want to wait to get helped, but I’ve tried and really don’t know where else I can search, what else I can do…
Can anyone help this project grow?!

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Video du defile collectif des finissantes de L’Ecole Superieure de Mode de Montreal.

Je viens de recevoir la video du defile.
Merci a Orangerine pour nous avoir commandite pour la video.

Ajouter Projet Abris dans vos amis sur Facebook et aimer la page.
contribuez a mettre sur pied ce projet.


I just received the video of the show. Thanks to Orangerine for making the video as our event sponsor.

Please like the Projet ABRIS page on Facebook and share.
Help this project become true!!!


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Tuques pour venir en aide aux jeunes sans abri

J’ai entendu a la radio qu’on pouvait achete des tuques sur le site “chez toit”! J’en ai achete 2!!!! Je fais ce que je peux pour aider les gens dans le besoin. Vous savez, “aider les gens n’a jamais fait de mal a personne, au contraire, ca fait du bien.” Qu’attendez-vous pour faire du bien a quelqu’un?

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I wish ABRIS was there to help

It’s on days like today that I wish I had the help and luck to make my project come to life. Until then, homeless fellows, please be patient and please go in shelters on cold cold days. ❤

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