Still keeping up with my concept

I’m so happy! Ever since I started my project, my boyfriend and I decided to walk around Montreal street and give away food. Since we both own restaurants, we decided to have some food take out and share with people in need.

Yesterday night, it was cooler, like a fall night.
My boyfriend and I walked down the streets after dinner, seeing that people were actually happy to get some good food. It made our day.

As we were giving out food, we came up with the idea of giving food for Christmas…
HAHA!!! I suggested that we dress up as Santa. My boyfriend didn’t like this idea, saying that its not original, I decided to be a Xmas tree! I’ll be the tree of hope!

When people will see me, I want them to know that there is hope!

Just thought to update my blog a bit by sharing this!

Thanks for passing by, guys!


About janetchandesign

Mes créations transmettent mes valeurs et ma façon de penser. La famille me suit partout, dans la vie, dans mon imagination et mes créations. Inspirés par le quotidien et l’actualité, Ma créativité est alimentée par mes émotions. Le vêtement se crée par différentes formes, Les formes, métaphores d’éléments clés du sujet choisi. Le vêtement doit être utile et esthétique, La beauté du vêtement, Se dégage par la façon d’accessoiriser l’ensemble. Mes créations s’adaptent à la personne qui le porte, Reflète sa personnalité et son individualité.
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