New Challenge


After almost 3 years of designing workwear, gloves,backpacks…

I challenged myself, I designed or should I say… Revamped an existing jacket. I think I did my best to achieve my goal, considering all the restrictions I had. The jacket had to follow the brands identity, the shape, the style etc, had to be different. Despite the challenge I encountered, I’m proud to say that I managed to hand it in on time, which I think, as a designer, being pontual and meeting dead lines are so important.
Anyways…”I did my best, I have no regret!” 🙂

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January 1st 2014

1st day of the year, my boyfriend and I went to a bakery shop in Montreal. A man was standing outside and asked us if we could get him some food, he’s been living on the street for a while. Without hesitating, my boyfriend said yes, come on on…the joy that this man had was just memorable… He was like a kid in a candy store. My boyfriend letted him chose his buns, he went to pay and got him a bottled water. The homeless thanked and wished us a happy new year.
What a good way to start a year, helping people always feels good!

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2$ + :) = :D

I stopped at a light… Saw a man asking for money, gave him a 2$ and smiled at him. He thanked me for the money but also thanked me for my smile.
It just made
My day even more meaningful! 😉

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Couturo Show, 1st edition


I attended to the 1st edition of the Couturo Show! It was great to see how Montrealer’s fashion industry are trying to help each other. I think it was a fantastic idea! Thanks to Montreal Couture and others for organizing this event.
It made me feel there’s hope for young designers like me.

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One of my design in store


This is one of my 1st design to be on the market. It’s not something super fancy, but hey I get to say I designed for certain brand;) It’s all about getting experience 😉

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Collection presentation


Today, another one of my collection will be presented. So thrilled…

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80e Colloque Acfas

Aujourd’hui, au palais des congres de Montreal, j’ai assiste a un colloque organise par madame Mariette Julien.
Les conferenciers venaient d’ici et d’ailleur. C’etaient tres interessant! Tres enrichissant! Surtout, cela me fait reflechir sur ce que je pourrai faire en tant que designer pour ‘ameliorer’ la mode, la perception des consommateurs et les standards de beautes.
Je suis tres contente du contenu que j’ai eu et des savoir qui se sont echanges au cours de cette journee! Merci Mariette, aux conferenciers et a Acfas! 20120507-202202.jpg

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